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Back To School now available in L4D2 Workshop!18:44, Saturday 19 January 13

Our vacation is over and we’ve came back to work on campaign, but even during vacation we didn't sit around doing nothing. During past five weeks we’re participating in L4D2 Workshop beta test and we’re helping developers to catch a lot of nasty bugs. But now L4D2 Workshop is finally here! And along with it came out small update for our campaign, which is now available in Workshop!

If you still prefer old way for installing addons, you still can download version 1.06 from or Version 1.06 is compatible with Workshop version of campaign.

And for the dessert - Back To School campaign review from one of the funniest Youtube bloggers in our subscription - Kilplix. Back in L4D1 days Kilplix already made review of old alpha version of our campaign and promised that he'll review the full version for sure. Two years have passed, but he's kept his promise!

P.S.: The work on the campaign is still going on and a lot of interesting things are still ahead! Now with Workshop we can upload updates much more often!


68 Days Later20:44, Saturday 05 January 13

More than two months have passed since the release of Back To School campaign. It is time to sum up and tell you about our plans for the future.


Update v1.05 released22:47, Friday 02 November 12

First of all, we are impressed! We got loads of comments about our campaign during this week! Thank you, we appreciate your support! It became clear that it’s necessary to fix the major bugs of the campaign as soon as possible, because they prevent players to enjoy the game. In this regard, we released update v1.05.


Back To School released!21:23, Sunday 28 October 12

Back To School campaign has suffered a lot - its development lasted more than three years, stopped and came to life several times, and even once started again from scratch. But now “Back To School v 1.0” is finally available for download!


New trailer, poster and screenshots! Release of the campaign soon!01:52, Saturday 27 October 12

Long haven't we posted any news (the last one goes back to August 2011! Outrageous!) but it doesn't mean we didn't work on our campaign (by the way, a few screenshots have appeared every once in a while on, we just didn't want to distract ourselves with writing news. We concentrated on polishing the last rough parts and we got it done!


“A shepherd must tend to his flock, especially when they have grown…unruly”22:56, Thursday 18 August 11

First of all, as you can see, we are moved to an L4D2 mods section on, but don’t be afraid - we are still going to release L4D1 version first, and L4D2 last. The reason we are moving is simple is that L4D2 section is far more popular...


Summer heat won`t stop us!14:33, Sunday 03 July 11

Yeah, that is! We are going to do continue campaign development during summer vacation! Untill then, let us tell you whats going on over the last few month. Unfortunately, we were really busy during June, so we could not deliver this news in time. But here is it what you have missed...


While everyone else playing Portal 2, we`re still working here!23:26, Monday 02 May 11

Cave Johnes... Khm, sorry, 100_o/o_f@ke here, and I've got good news for you:
To start with, first four maps are complete! They now are heavily tested by our respectful testing team for bugs and balance issues.
Second, we gave up some ideas, which has not being designed yet. What does that mean? Simply that we’ve reduced developing time...


New Year`s news01:46, Wednesday 12 January 11

First of all, Happy New Year from Back To School team! Better late, than never! Our team wanted to relax, just like you. Also we were busy preparing this little gift to you, that’s why we are late. Anyway, we wish you all success, good mood and health! Happy Holidays!


10 reason to go back to zombie apocalypse17:16, Sunday 31 October 10

Hello and welcome again! If you already forgot about Left 4 dead, we have whole 10 reason why you need to come back! Today we decided to make a list of all major features of our company...


Custom particle systems, screenshots and more!20:48, Tuesday 19 October 10

Hello, and welcome back at Back to School developers site! Recent months we had some serious research, and we managed to solve a lot of hammer-made puzzles...


Cinematic Physics20:01, Tuesday 19 October 10

Developer diaries continue. In the new video you can check our first steps in creating so called Cinematic Physics...


Developers diaries17:54, Friday 30 April 10

Hi all and welcome to Borden City!

We created our YouTube Channel not long ago. Initially it was only available to the testers of our campaign but now it is available to everyone. The channel is a kind of video blog, where we are going to upload the newest and the most interesting information...


Happy new year!22:49, Thursday 31 December 09

Hi all, that’s romasm and 100_o/o_f@ke, we wish you happy New Year and merry Christmas (that has already passed for our catholic friends or is yet to come for the orthodox ones), Chanukah, Eid al-Adha and other holidays. We wish you happiness and joy and may everything be OK!


New poster00:37, Sunday 11 October 09

It`s been a while since the last time we`ve posted something new but now the time has come. We`ve done plenty of work recently and now you can check a part of the fifth map – front side of the school. We present to your attention the new poster! Made by our dear friend Tartuga...


Map overview21:51, Wednesday 26 August 09

To avoid unnecessary frustration: Omg I thought it is gonna be longer/shorter/brighter/darker/harder/easier and so on and so forth. To show what one might lose if he does not download our campaign...


The fourth map - alpha version17:28, Monday 17 August 09

Work on the campaign is in full swing, here is a preliminary version of the police station with the altered saferoom.


Back to school campaign update15:35, Tuesday 21 July 09

We represent to your attention the last update of campaign Back to school for Left4Dead. In this updating 3 maps are available to modes: co-op, versus, survival...


Site online!16:32, Monday 13 July 09

We are glad to inform you that our project is still alive! And today we open official website of our campaign...


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