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Back To School - Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, v1.06

Сhanges in v1.06
- Added compatibility with Workshop.
- Bear model (replaces gnome model) is currently broken, we're working on that.

Сhanges in v1.05
- “Non-stop hordes” issue fixed. Difficulty now is more or less the same as in official Valve campaigns.
- All weapon mods were removed from vpk (They conflict with other weapon modes).
- Some crashes were fixed (But not all).
- A conflict was detected with "Better Blood and wound textures" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). Conflict causes game crash. We’ll try to eliminate the cause of conflict, but until then we recommend you to disable this add-on.
- Bots behavior in the finale was fixed (They chose the wrong rescue vehicle sometimes).
- Extra way pointer was added in chapter four in case of jet bombing event.
- Smoke on heli landing spot is removed in case of bus finale.
- Adrenaline was removed from the boat on the first map (It attracted survivors and they jumped down into the deadly water. We’ll delete deadly water in future updates).
- Pistols amount was reduced in chapters two, three and four.

Please, read this!

Campaign is still in development for Left 4 Dead 2. Probably there are some issues and bugs in this version, but do not despair, all of them will be fixed in the future.

You can discuss the campaign and leave your feedback on our forum! You can help fix bugs faster, if you contact us there and describe them in details! Also you can suggest any of your ideas and improvement for campaign! We’ll implement the most useful and interesting ideas!

Campaign is available in two modes: coop and versus. Unfortunately “Marauder” mode is unavailable for now, because of the problems we have with it. This mode will be available in future releases.


Before you install, please make sure you have the Steam Client installed along with Left 4 Dead 2. Also make sure the game has been launched at least once through Steam.

We recomend to download from Steam Workshop, simply click on "Subscribe to all" button.

If you downloaded campaign from or, first extract zip archive. Then, all you need to do is to copy the campaign (vpk file) here: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons\

Turn Game Instructor ON! Please!!!

For easy navigation and useful advices during the events we recommend turning on Game Instructor feature during the first few playthroughs.

To do that, go to Menu>Options>Multiplayer>Game Instructor and turn it on. Now Game Instructor is on (but you can turn it off anytime at the options).

Known issues and bugs
- Minor problem with bots’ navigation.
- Performance issues in some locations.
- Long loading time of campaign chapters (due to large and detail environments).
- Conflict with “Silent Hill L4D2” and “Vienna Calling 2”. Both of them contain file “soundscapes_manifest.txt” in vpk archive. This file causes wrong ambient sounds errors in many campaigns, including Back To School.
- Conflict with "Better Blood Decals" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). Conflict causes game crash. We’ll try to eliminate the cause of conflict in future.
- Bear model (replaces gnome model) is currently broken, we're working on that.

We recommend you to turn off campaigns that cause conflicts (Menu>Extras>Add-ons).

In case of game crash

Very rarely, during playing Back To School campaign, Left 4 Dead 2 could crash (usually because of memory problems). This can occur for the following reasons:
- “Paged Pool Memory Available” in video options set on “High” while your graphic card has less than 512 Mb of memory. Set this option on “Low”.
- “Multicore Rendering” is turn on. This can cause crashes on the old systems. Turn this option off.
- Some other custom campaigns or add-ons may conflict with Back To School. Turn them off.
- Large amount of installed add-ons can also cause crashes. Turn them off.


Vitaliy11:08, Sunday 15 June 14
дайте сылку плиз

Vitaliy11:07, Sunday 15 June 14
где скачать

fuck19:48, Saturday 31 May 14
i hope play this map with player

fuck19:47, Saturday 31 May 14
oh I play is very happy

JeboTiBogMater20:38, Tuesday 27 May 14
Great Map!

DEn15:49, Sunday 06 April 14

guh17:51, Friday 14 March 14

madison04:15, Wednesday 27 November 13

Fkw 19:44, Thursday 17 October 13
Back to School conflicted with I Hate Mountains for me if you can fix that in a future update that would be nice.

jp19:40, Tuesday 24 September 13
i love it

GomaGamer21:04, Tuesday 30 July 13
Epico zikadobaile muito looko valeeew

      04:43, Wednesday 17 July 13
Есть версия для л4д? Или только л4д2?

Серый15:56, Friday 28 June 13
Спасибо,скачал кампанию игра,была очень интересной особенно в 4-ой карте.

NG IK THIAN16:00, Sunday 16 June 13

tudatvinh23:00, Friday 17 May 13

loriesaki08:43, Thursday 24 January 13
i can't play the the back to school campaign

Oliver16:41, Saturday 19 January 13
I can't download it it says This file is unreleased and can not be downloaded at this time. what do i do?

=AY=17:48, Tuesday 08 January 13

lili15:44, Sunday 06 January 13

Nozz23:46, Thursday 13 December 12

seamen22:00, Friday 09 November 12
рад за наших пацанов-хорошую вешь сделали

100_o/o_f@ke12:37, Monday 05 November 12
Please ask your questions on our forum next time!
Tponcho's Perk mod is not included in this campaign, it's server side.
We are not Mac users, so my only advice - Google it .

ДУВАКИН12:34, Monday 05 November 12

Kage_J05:18, Monday 05 November 12
This might be a dumb question, but the Steam folder I need to copy the .vpk to in order to install it doesn't seem to exist on my computer. Like, at all. I'm on a Mac with L4D2 installed through Steam, but I searched the whole computer and the folder just isn't there. >> Am I being a huge n00b or is this a problem other people are having?

SimonPwns04:02, Monday 05 November 12
i kept having to use Tponcho's Perk mod. I'm not sure if that was included in the map or if was just server side but i didnt like it at all. the map is a 10/10 though, really fun.

Carlos Eduardo 19:40, Sunday 04 November 12
Sou brasileiro mais responde tem que baixar e instalar para o left 4 dead 2 ?

Jon23:10, Saturday 03 November 12
Would be nice if a torrent was available. I can't download from L4DMaps because it times out, and modDB says the file is unavailable.

Max18:33, Saturday 03 November 12
How do I install it? I have it downloaded, I just need to figure out how to actually get it to work.

Captainwhite16:49, Saturday 03 November 12
Keep the weapons mod or at least give us a download link please?

100_o/o_f@ke02:08, Saturday 03 November 12
You are trying to connect to someone, who has old version. L4D2 just have the same message to all vpk conflicts (old - new or new - old, it doesn't care )
New version was released only 2 hours ago, so 99% of people stil play old version.

BoB01:57, Saturday 03 November 12
i installed the new version 1.05, but when i go in game, it says i need to download the new version.

EpicPwner21:23, Friday 02 November 12
i can't copy and paste the file using winRAR, 7zip or by compressing it

Brian04:28, Friday 02 November 12
I have installed the Back to School campaign onto my computer however I"m not sure where to go from there, do I have to move a file to the L4D2 file?

100_o/o_f@ke11:54, Thursday 01 November 12
When L4D2 Workshop will be released, there will be one version of the campaign. But you'll be able to download in two different ways, either separately or as part of a workshop collection with all arby weapons add-ons together.

Wolf06:40, Thursday 01 November 12
I seen the last few pictures of this and it looks awesome Ill give it a try : )

StickNik00:56, Thursday 01 November 12
It would be nice if there was the option to download with or without weapon mods, this would make it easier with people that are new to modding or regularly change what mods they have active

Ryan00:39, Tuesday 30 October 12
Ah, thank you for replying.

It's not that we're complaining, it just comes down to peoples personal preference. We know your intentions were good. But your campaign itself does great on its own and doesn't need any extra "luggage". Plus removing them might help lower the chances for conflicts.

Congratulations on finally releasing it. I remember when I first played the L4D1 version back in 2009. Very happy to see it completed now. Keep up the good work.

romasm11:11, Monday 29 October 12
We'll remove weapons mods in future update

Ryan07:22, Monday 29 October 12
Please consider what everyone is saying about removing the mods from the campaign. Due to how popular they already are, lots of people would already have them anyway.

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